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A water bear, or a "tardigrade", is an animal that is very close to what would be considered immortal. They have been found in fossils that are recorded to be about 500 million years old. They can stand very extreme environments, whether it be extremely hot or cold, radiation zone, and even outer space. Their metabolism changes according to the environment and they can come back to life.

This jacket is inspired by this amazing creature. It can adapt to many extreme environments and provide protection. The silhouette of the garment mimics the space of a tardigrade, which is similar to a bear, this is why it was given the name Water Bear.

Down Jacket-1.jpg
Down Jacket-2.jpg
Down Jacket-4.jpg
Down Jacket-5.jpg
Down Jacket-6.jpg
Down Jacket-3.jpg
Down Jacket-7.jpg
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